by Aria Socratous.

1633 Restaurant is an upper side Greek restaurant with lively ambience and a very vivid energy. The eclectic blend is an interesting mix of very modern and old school charm, which creates a warm, uniquely interesting and welcoming vibe: contemporary red chairs and tables, modern white dishes, bar area with lit up contemporary splashes,  contrasted with a wall with a painted country landscape and old fashioned prints with roses adorning the ceilings. A more private seating area just divided from the main dining room has brick walls and on the other side sheer interesting curtain type treatments overlaying the walls.
The restaurant opened in June 2016 and is specializing in modern Greek food as it it served in Greece today. As the Founder of the restaurant James Paloumbis says, the main concept was to create new and inspired Greek dishes that you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere in New York and in the United States in general.
The dishes at 1633 are rooted in authenticity, but are also brought back to life with a breath of fresh air from global techniques, flavors and ingredients.
“The Chef Dionisis Liakopoulos and I, we are taking cues from Greek chefs traveling the globe who they are applying what they have learned to their native cuisine. This will be exemplified through the restaurant’s new and exciting Guest Chef Dinner Series which will bring Greece culinary talents to the restaurant. The Dinner Series began on October 13th and 14th as Athens-based Jean-Charles Metayer, the Executive Chef at Premiere in Athen’s Athenaeum Intercontinental Hotel. The menu that pays homage to our Greek heritage, re-imagined through a lifetime travelling around the world, with every flavor, texture and technique, distilled into a passionate culinary fiesta and presented the way it is celebrated in modern- day Greece. We, at the restaurant, are very proud to present an ever changing seasonal menu that reflects our soul, our love for hospitality and the will to bring Greek gastronomy to a different and elevated level. People should think of Greek food in a new and modern way and not just traditional dishes of tzatziki, moussaka, souvlaki and pastitsio that you expect to find in typical Greek restaurants.  ” Paloumbis contends.
Everything is prepared in house, all the ingredients are fresh and organic and all the meals are made out of scratch. The menu changes with the season and the kitchen is continually evolving. The menu features salads, cold dishes and raw, wooden oven, charcoal, casserole and fritters and deserts. The signature dishes are the gyros pizza: a flavorful crust covered with tender lamb and pork with tzatziki drizzled over the top,  Mousse-aka: Short rib, zucchini and eggplant ratatouille, torched bechamel, graviera chips ,  The lazy beef: braised short rib, trahana-risotto and tomato molasses which is cooked for 48 hours and madame sou-sou: a delicious tart of wild spring greens, ricotta and feta cheese and refreshing yogurt-feta ice cream.
The wine list is carefully selected from grapes around the world and only the best, hand picked labels at the best possible prize. A comprehensive drink menu including innovative summer cocktails, beer and cider and sake options is also available.
1633 is an upscale restaurant whose philosophy is based on friends sharing dishes, sampling, tasting, enjoying.