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Actions Not Words

  • New Guinness Book of Records Event: 2 April, 2017, Limassol, Cyprus: Human Chain Holding Towels (stadium TBA).
  • Cyprus Sports Chain/Relay – Round of Cyprus – People & Autism.
  • One for One: 1 Million Km for 1 Million Euro Campaign/Sponsorship.


Join us in our renewed efforts to break a New Guinness Record for Our People with Autism, and to Relay – Round of Cyprus – with us!

All sport/athletic associations are hereby invited to formally and actively join us in a week-long relay around Cyprus. Runners, bicyclists, swimmers, and all other sports-people are welcome to join our efforts for People & Autism. Relay starts on 25 March, and concludes on 2 April, 2017! Additional details will soon follow.

Sponsors are welcomed at all levels:

  1. Logistical Support & Supplies
  2. Media Coverage
  3. Photographers & Videographers
  4. Funding & Structural Support

Contact us and join forces for our people with autism:

#MagicAlwaysHappens & #PeopleAndAutism

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