Dro.Me.A running with Magic Always Happens for Autism Awareness: Thank you Dro.Me.A Racing and Running Club!

On behalf of Magic Always Happens Inc., and Magic Always Happens Cyprus, we wish to express our huge gratitude and sincere thanks Dro.Me.A., as well as to each and every runner who supported our vision, mission, goals, and Team Magic during past Sunday’s Athens Classic Marathon (26.2 miles). The mission of Dro.Me.A, with 70+ strong runners made us happy, hopeful, proud, and even more determined to continue with our local, national, and international goals set forth as far as our “Actions not Words” campaign/ Autism is concerned.

On behalf of all of our people on the Autism Spectrum we thank you for your love, solidarity, inclusion, sensitivity, caring, and support.

We remain grateful to each and every one of you. We respect your kindness and efforts, and we wish you for many more fun marathons and ultra-marathons to come!

Thank you.

On behalf of Magic Always Happens, and Team Magic in particular,


Neophytos L. Papaneophytou, PhD

Founder & President

CY mobile number 99 739 1048


FB: #MagicAlwaysHappens