by Aria Socratous.

CLEARWATER, FL – The Athenian Academy 2020 Olympics, a very touching and well organized event, was celebrated on Thursday March 5 at the Athenian Academy in Clearwater, FL.

The ceremony was attended by the Consul General of Greece in Tampa, Dimitrios Sparos, the President of the Federation of Greek American Educators, Stella Kokolis and the Founder of Athenian Academy, George Poumakis. Also present was the President of the Panhellenic Federation of Florida, Michael Alexandrou, who was given an award plaque for Federation’s monetary contribution by the Executive Director of Athenian Academy, Sevasti-Ziogas Varitimidis.

The event was featured the Olympic Hymn, Olympic Rings, Greek poems, the Greek songs My beautiful Greece and Invitation to All the Children of the World for Peace and Love, the Olympic Flame Lightning Ceremony, the Olympic Torch Relay, a Hispanic Dance Presentation, and in conclusion, the Parade of Nations.

Hispanic Dance Presentation.(Photo by Aria Socratous)

In 2008 the Athenian Academy Charter School in collaboration with their management company raised 3000 dollars from 120 schools across the country to aide in relief efforts in Olympia, Greece.

Athenian Academy Charter School, established in 2000, is the first Greek Immersion School in the United States and on March 5, 2020 celebrated 20 years of excellence.

The Academy has always been actively involved in the community and encourages students to develop an awareness and appreciation of the linguistic and cultural diversity represented in their classroom.

Students learn Greek and Spanish daily beginning in kindergarten and middle school students have the opportunity to earn multiple high school credits in both foreign languages. Athenian Academy is committed to providing a dynamic, passionate, and challenging learning environment where every child feels valued, loved and nurtured.