Hermes and the tales of Zephyrus


21 tales of Hermes that are kneaded with the gold dust that makes dreams shine.




Hermes is the namesake of Hermes the Trismegistus, as the the ancient Greeks called the Egyptian god Thoth, who was the inspirer of the arts and sciences, but also a writer.

Until about five years ago, he too lived among an anonymous crowd. But by a quirk of fate, or a fateful choice, or a fateful end because of by fate or fateful coincidence, he suddenly found himself in the disputed mythical world and he took up the duties of a steward in Aeolia and specifically in the palace of Zephyros who is the west wind and mediator between Hades and humans.

Zephyros therefore has several merits, but also a multitude of whims that the that those around him patiently try to manage. One of them is food and he has a requirement that her cook, Ambrose, prepare something for him consistent with what he sees and hears on his travels. He therefore tells her about this and she is inspired and chooses the most appropriate of her recipes.

The listener of the stories is also Hermes, who, as a frustrated writer who failed to reap the desired laurels, records on paper what he hears and to those who still believe in fairy tales, trying to keep open a channel of communication with the real world.

“The tales of Hermes” therefore include these stories that are kneaded with the gold dust that makes dreams shine. Twenty one tales that were pre-published in the online magazine My Writer’s Gang and brought together the imaginary with the real, the real with the non-existent and the logical with the wonderful world of paradox.

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